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Father, Storyteller, Pioneer…

Darrell Brown has spent much of his life tuning into his wisdom.  A videographer and photographer, he has spent his professional life traveling the world meeting and learning from the stories of others.

His life’s work is now captured in a heartwarming book, his first offering securing his position as an up and coming thought leader when it comes to raising confident, connected, compassionate boys.  It is this that makes him a fatherhood author to watch.

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Fatherhood Author Darrell Brown | Raising Boys | How To Raise Boys

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Praise for Fatherhood Author Darrell Brown’s book

“Raised By Our Childhood Voices;

One father’s journey raising confident, connected, compassionate boys”

“The journey of raising happy, confident, resilient children isn’t always easy but I found Darrell’s book an inspiring, compelling read as we all seemed to become part of his boys journey to adulthood too.  The story about the tree house is a symbol of how the world needs more Dads like Darrell and it made me cry while Darrell’s love for his boys sang out throughout this wonderfully gentle look at bringing up children. Boys need role models and Darrell is indeed a wonderful dad – what lucky boys they are! This book will inspire you to step back for a moment and look at how important your role as a parent is and it will gently lead you to become the best you can be.”

Sue Atkins, Author of ‘Parenting Made Easy- How To Raise Happy Children. www.TheSueAtkins.com

“If you have a child or work with children you must read this book. New Fatherhood Author Darrell Brown takes us on a journey that is not only his story but the story of so many families and children today. Beautifully written, heartfelt and compelling it not only outlines the problems facing our children today including the tsunami of technology and pressures to “be a certain way”………but more importantly he gives us hope that through love and conscious parenting we can give our children what they really need.

Raised By Our Childhood Voices is full of beautiful stories about raising boys. I hope this book becomes compulsory reading in schools around Australia and I thank Darrell for his wonderful contribution. His 2 sons are lucky to have him as their dad.”

Dr Arne Rubinstein (mbbs, fracgp) Author of “The Making of Men”


Raised By Our Childhood Voices is so much more than a book – it is unique journey that takes one through one’s own childhood in a gentle and reflective way. Darrell Brown has had one hell of a ride so far in his life and his life journey showed me the value of finding ones ‘spark’ as early as possible and to follow it with persistence and enthusiasm. Darrell is a resilient man – a resilience learned through having a childhood with significant challenge and yet he does not let that define who he is or what he chooses to make of himself and his life.

As a former West Aussie I remember the story of the tree house and shared the exasperation of a world gone mad. His incredible passion for being the best dad possible while sharing himself as fully and honestly with the woman he loves is both touching and inspirational. Our world is a better place because of men like Darrell and I am a better person for having read his autobiographical book and it has given me hope and validates my belief that our greatest teachers teach wisdom from their heart with a good dose of humility.”

Maggie Dent, Australian Author, parenting and resilience educator.

Author of Saving our Children from Our Chaotic World, Nurturing Kids’ Hearts and Souls, Real Kids in an Unreal World. www.maggiedent.com

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