Motivational guru inspires me to be a better speaker on fatherhood


In my journey to become a better father, Speaker and Author, I am constantly looking for people who can take me to that next level. For that reason I am constantly on the look out for speakers and presenter who come to Australia and tour the country. So I was delighted to hear that the legend himself, Dr John Demartini was coming to Perth.

So last night I got to spent 3 hours with one of the worlds most inspirational speakers Dr John De martini .

Dr De martini with Darrell Brown Oct 26th

Dr De martini with Darrell Brown Oct 26th 2016

He truly inspired me to be the greatest expression of myself I can me. We came up with a mantra –  Darrell Brown – “Empowering men everywhere to be great fathers”

Here’s a few take-aways  from last night that we can all work with:

1) Be the master of your destiny not a victim of your history

2) Success is being clear about what your committed to.

3) Whoever has the most certainty rules the game.

4) Start with what you know and let what you know grow.

5) Have the courage to be yourself.

And my own

” Every man is one conversation away from being a great father”

Let these words of wisdom sink deep inside your sub conscious today and empower you to be the best expression of yourself as well.  Every time someone dies without fulfilling their true potential the world is robbed of their greatness. Please don’t let this be you


Darrell Brown Oct 27th 2016

Manning Down Presentation Oct 27th

City of Mandurah Host Darrell Brown Oct 27th Manning Down presentation

The dominant culture of “manning up” has had a detrimental and destabilising effect on boys. The hyper masculinity of our young boys is a social construct and not a biological function. Today, many boys are being raised in an environment that rewards dominating the competition, violence as an acceptable means of control, and the sexualisation and objectification of woman. Boys are told to toughen up, suppress their emotions and reject most things feminine. Many boys feel obligated to conform to these norms and in doing so can find the world a very scary, lonely and confusing place.

This has led to a sharp increase in suicide rates in young men, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders are at levels never seen before.

Fortunately there is a way out…

Many men are waking up to the idea that there is a better way to raise our boys that pushes back against these social constructs. A loving connection and emotional availability is the key. By examining their own childhood and changing the things that didn’t work for them many fathers are opening up emotionally to life and dealing with matters of the heart. In doing so they model to their own boys that it’s okay to find the nurturer within. In fact it’s more than okay….it’s in fact a very courageous masculine thing to do and can change their world for the better.

Darrell has featured on Ch9 Good Morning Show – Ch 7 Today Tonight – Radio 6PR and the ABC. He is a feature writer for US Magazine “You and Your Family” and a contributor to “National Men’s Health Magazine”

Join Darrell for an intimate conversation as he discusses his journey to discover just what it takes to be a loving connected father and husband in today’s world

This is an interactive session where questions from the audience will be facilitated during the presentation

Where: Falcon Library and Community centre – Cnr Flavia St and Cobblers Rd Falcon

When: Thurs 27th Oct 2016 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Cost:   Free – Books available for purchase –

Booking essential: E:   Ph: (08) 9550 3230 Irena Sajdovic