Amazon Bestselling Author Darrell Brown is fast becoming a powerful voice to listen to in the field of raising boys.

Darrell’s first book, Raised By Our Childhood Voices; One father’s journey to raise confident, connected, compassionate boys will provide you with wisdom, knowledge, curiosity, fascination and a whole lot of opportunity to discover how you can be the best Dad (or Mum) you can be to your boys.

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Raised by Our Childhood Voices

In our quietest moments, we softly hear the voices of our childhood, speaking to us from the distant past. These whispers often return to guide our journey into adulthood and, ultimately, to shape us into the person we eventually become. Surely, then, the words we use as we raise our own children are powerful forces in their lives—possibly the most potent force.

Knowing this invites every parent to view parenting as a great responsibility—perhaps the greatest one you will ever know.

To some degree we are all raised by our childhood voices. The words your parents used to communicate to you created the environment that helped to define who you are today. Sometimes this is a wholesome experience that allowed you to meet with great success, but for many the opposite is true. Your greatest challenge in life comes from your ability to rise above the darkest of voices and seek out new ones that breathe life into your heart and soul.

This all new book from author Darrell Brown is the story of one father’s journey from a troubled childhood of his own to the present day, as he finds himself a father of two dynamic boys. Throughout the story it is clear that his desire to become an incredible father was innate and powerful. It has been, in many instances, a mission to be the Dad he wished he had.

Whether you are a parent searching for guiding words of advice to support you to raise your own children, or simply someone struggling in this journey called life, this book will connect with you at the deepest level and shine a light filled with compassion and hope as it paints a colourful picture that it is possible for you to be an active part of creating a greater future for us all.

Purchase a copy of Darrell’s Amazon Best Selling Book on Amazon or direct from our online shop.

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