Kim Ledger (Heaths Dad) – An inspirational father and a great man.

Heath Ledgers father Kim is an inspirational father who loved his son dearly.

kim Ledger

In my role as a freelance cinematographer I had the opportunity to meet and interview Kim Ledger this week for a Sydney production company who were doing a story on the dangers of prescription medication. I met a man of real courage who spoke openly about the devastating loss of his son Heath. He told me how passionate Heath was about acting and remembers at the very young age of 12yrs, Heath telling him “Dad, I’m going to be a famous actor one day”. Kim didn’t think much of it at the time…little did he know.

A self made man, Kim was a very successful business man in his own right. An inventor with a design background he built and ran several companies around the country. However his passion for his family and being a wonderful husband and father to all his children was always a major driving factor in his life.

As Heath’s career began to take off, Kim also took on the role of Heath’s manager, successfully dealing with all that Hollywood had to offer. He watched proudly as Health took on more and more demanding roles making the acting world stand up and take notice of this boy from Perth.

Having a confident loving father obviously inspired Heath to believe in himself and his ability to conquer the world. After the interview I spoke with Kim about the great need for fathers to stay involved in their boys lives. I mentioned by book and he graciously asked if he could buy a copy. I was honoured to sign my book and hand it over to this great man.

Another example of a father who loved his son with all his heart and soul.

Darrell Brown  Feb 2016