Conscious Couples Passionately Parenting workshop – Nov 30th

COUPLES WORKSHOP with Clinical Psychologist Kirstin Bouse AND Fatherhood Author DARRELL BROWN

Couples workshop Nov 30th 2017

Couples workshop Nov 30th 2017

November 30, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
The Sound Temple
30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)
$200 per couple
 The Sound Temple
 0474 555 444

Cost: $200 contribution per couple


International Best-Selling Author, Story Teller, Father, Pioneer and Speaker on Fatherhood, Darrell Brown is teaming up with Kirstin Bouse an inspirational Psychologist of 20 years’ experience and Best-Selling Author and Speaker on Motherhood.
This unique workshop will be an amazing opportunity to experience a deeper connection with your partner with other couples coming together in a safe space to explore the changing roles of what it means to be modern-day parents.
Kirstin and Darrell will talk about the real nuts and bolts of parenting and remind us about how we can embrace the experience of parenting as nothing short of AWESOME…even when we throw in the sleepless nights and other challenges that come with being a parent in today’s world.
This will be a small group of only 6 couples which will give you an opportunity to talk heart-to-heart with Darrell and Kirstin.

This intimate event is limited to 6 couples
This unique experience includes these topics which will be part of an in-depth and open discussion:

  • Better understanding the gender roles of parenting
  • Skills and strategies of parenting in the advancing world
  • How to build strong, lasting relationships with each other and your precious children
  • Couples parenting on the same page with strong, unshakeable foundations
  • Couples finding lasting connection in amongst parenting
  • Children in a digital world

Enjoy this relaxed, entertaining and informative evening with two incredible professionals who will create a sacred place for couples to share a glimpse of their parenting experiences.
Kirstin says “motherhood creates an openness within women that fosters enormous growth…and I find that both a privilege and exciting, to be a part of”
Darrell says “now is the time for all fathers to spend quality time, be emotionally available and consciously connect as deeply as possible with their children”
What a great idea for a night out to come together with your partner and feel the power in this sharing evening! It will leave you Inspired, Confident and Connected – Ready to step into the next chapter of parenting your children hand in hand with your partner. There will be so much wisdom shared on this magical evening that you will love and remember for a lifetime. Such a gift to pass on to the next generation!


Start: 7:00pm Thursday 30th November 2017
Ends: 9:30pm


There is unlimited organic tea and coffee available during the evening
AND as Two Special Gifts:
Everyone gets to take home a personally signed copy of both of their books:
Darrell’s book Raised by Our Childhood Voices
Kirstin’s book The Conscious Mother: A Simple Guide to Mothering with Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Confidence and Connectedness

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