Whats the Facebook mask that you wear?

Darrell Brown – Best Selling Author and Speaker on Fatherhood –  Video #1 2017

Whats your Facebook Mask?

Whats your Facebook Mask?

New Years eve 2016 I decided to film and post a video a called “Whats your Facebook Mask?” I spoke about the mask that a lot of us wear on Facebook and posed the question, who is it that we dont show the world. It was a very heart felt post filled with raw emotion about the pain that a lot of us go through but rarely show the world.


Obviously it struck a cord with quite a few people as it received nearly 2000 views in just 48 hours and was quickly shared many times over.

Here is the link to the video for you to watch —>   Whats your Facebook Mask?

I really hope you enjoy this short thought provoking video which I am hoping will become one of many this year.

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Darrell Brown

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