Fatherhood Wide Open – Kyle Bradford interviews Darrell Brown on being a Dad

Fatherhood Wide Open: Intelligent Conversation on Issues Of Fatherhood and Masculinity –

Fatherhood Wide Open with Kyle Bradford

Fatherhood Wide Open with Kyle Bradford

In August 2017 I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by one of Americas biggest pod-casters on Fatherhood – Kyle Bradford

Kyle and I spoke for almost an hour about my book, fatherhood and my ideas about raising boys in today’s world. We spoke about everything from how our childhood effects our adult lives, to what fathers can do to be their sons “best bet” in life. We looked at areas such as – screen time, pornography, risk taking, building tree houses and spirituality.


You can listen to our interview hear at Fatherhood Wide Open.


Darrell Brown – Fatherhood Author and Speaker

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