Maggie Dent on the dangers of too much screen time

Maggie Dent speaks on the danger of too much screen time

Maggie Dent speaks about dangers of too much screen time

Maggie Dent with Darrell Brown

As a speaker and author on Fatherhood I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the Australian Parenting Guru – Maggie Dent about the dangers of too much screen time for kids.   How much screen time is enough? How do we as parents find the right balance between screen time and home work. How is screen time effecting childhood obesity? What about outside play? Should kids be spending more time outside and less time on their screens? And finally…how is too much screen time effecting their socialization skills?

Watch this short ten minute video here on this link —->  Maggie Dent Interview


Keep watching these posts for more interviews with the amazing Maggie Dent as I discuss issues such as How much home work is too much for kids and even more importantly, at what age should home work start for young children?

I also discuss “absent fathers” and how important it is for children to have a stable, emotionally at6ached father in their life. So watch this site for more great interviews with parenting experts from around the world, and while your here, don’t forget to grab a copy of my highly acclaimed international best selling book -“Raised By Our Childhood Voices.

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