Guest Speaker At Maggie Dent’s Event On Raising Boys

Guest Speaker At Maggie Dent’s MUCH Publicised Event On Raising Boys!       

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking alongside Maggie Dent, Clarke Wight and Arnie Rubinstein at her massive one day event in Perth on raising boys.

Maggie Dent Talk-1                                          Me, Maggie, Clarke and Arnie

Together we spoke to a packed audience of over 300 parents about the challenges of raising boys in todays world. We covered important topics such as : early childhood, preparation for the education system, emotional intelligence, attachment and much more.

My personal message was to remind fathers that they are and always will be their sons best bet in life. Becoming a father is the greatest gift ever bestowed upon a man. It comes with great responsibility and should be the most wonderful and enjoyable time imaginable. I reminded fathers that their role begins well before the birth of the child. The nine months of pregnancy is a very important time for fathers to start connecting with their soon to be born loved one. A lot of fathers believe that their role begins a lot later…once the young boy begins to walk and talk.

In fact the “Save the children Foundation “ recently released a survey in late 2015 into fatherhood in Australia which was the first of its kind. In the report it stated that nearly 47% of fathers in Australia still believe that their role during pregnancy, the birth and first three years of a child’s life is that of a “helper ” rather then a “primary care giver”. A lot of men still believe that their role is to provide financial support and help around the house  (which is great) as opposed to a hands on, nappy changing, bathing and hugging Dad. This is good in the respect that a lot more Dads are now becoming intimately involved with their kids..however we still have some way to go. A father can be all the above things to his children, however his emotional connection to his children will be by far the most important gift he can offer in these early stages.

Darrell Brown Feb 2016




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