Motivational guru inspires me to be a better speaker on fatherhood


In my journey to become a better father, Speaker and Author, I am constantly looking for people who can take me to that next level. For that reason I am constantly on the look out for speakers and presenter who come to Australia and tour the country. So I was delighted to hear that the legend himself, Dr John Demartini was coming to Perth.

So last night I got to spent 3 hours with one of the worlds most inspirational speakers Dr John De martini .

Dr De martini with Darrell Brown Oct 26th

Dr De martini with Darrell Brown Oct 26th 2016

He truly inspired me to be the greatest expression of myself I can me. We came up with a mantra –  Darrell Brown – “Empowering men everywhere to be great fathers”

Here’s a few take-aways  from last night that we can all work with:

1) Be the master of your destiny not a victim of your history

2) Success is being clear about what your committed to.

3) Whoever has the most certainty rules the game.

4) Start with what you know and let what you know grow.

5) Have the courage to be yourself.

And my own

” Every man is one conversation away from being a great father”

Let these words of wisdom sink deep inside your sub conscious today and empower you to be the best expression of yourself as well.  Every time someone dies without fulfilling their true potential the world is robbed of their greatness. Please don’t let this be you


Darrell Brown Oct 27th 2016

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