New book on Fatherhood promotional Video

New book on Fatherhood promotional Video – Watch my new promotional video for my Best selling book on Raising Boys

 Raised By Our Childhood Voices

I recently released a promotional video on “You Tube” for my international best selling book “Raised By Our Childhood Voices” The video is also an interesting insight into my early years fathering my boys. It contains snippets of presentations I have given around the country as well as home footage of myself with my two boys Cody and Taylor. I shot parts the video near my house here in Perth Western Australia. It features some of the wonderful coast line which is only 500 meters from my door step and a wonderful place to raise children.

I moved into this area when the boys were young and this is actually the route we take each morning to their school. We need to get kids of their screens and outdoors having fun, riding their bikes and exercising so as fathers we need to model this too them as well. This video features me doing the best I can to show the balance you need between work, play and exercise.  It was all shot on my Canon 7D – DSLR stills camera, with the help of my oldest boy Cody (now 16yrs old).

If you enjoy watching this video then please send the you tube link to your friends of perhaps share it on Facebook. I love being a Dad and my highest choice is that fathers everywhere get to experience how my love and joy it can bring to your life. My feeling is that many men today have been distracted from their primary responsibility of being a great father. Our boys need us now more then ever before.This video just might begin to sway them back the other way.

That’s my mission so please help me share it.


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