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How To Raise Boys…

A question asked by many a father and many a parent.  There is not one size fits all answer to this question. however there are certainly some interesting insights, wisdom and learning to be shared on this important, yet often overlooked topic.

Darrell Brown is an engaging speaker, who, as a natural story teller, draws on a wealth of wisdom and experience to create an experience audiences don’t forget.

Darrell provides a range of key notes and has a passion for talking on the topic of Fatherhood and how to raise boys.

As Amazon Bestselling Author of “Raised By Our Childhood Voices: One father’s journey to raise confident, connected, compassionate boys” Darrell is fast becoming a thought leader in the parenting and Fatherhood space and removing some of the overwhelm and challenge faced by parents asking how to raise boys.

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Praise for Darrell Brown’s book and a wealth of support for this new opportunity to learn from one father’s journey just how to raise boys.

“In this deeply personal and honest book, Darrell lays bare the power our childhood has over our adult life. To be read with an open heart and curious mind, this book will take you to your own past and dare you to heal the wounds that lie open.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of New York Times Bestseller, The Conscious Parent

“Training Youth Leadership in a variety of schools both in Australia and the USA I have always known that there has never been an owner’s manual for raising children, but this is probably the best set of skills for parents I have ever read.

Written with open authenticity I was enthralled with the story and coupled with a masterful toolbox for parents, it is an amazing road map for raising thriving kids with self esteem. I highly recommend this book to anyone who requires insight, tools and systems to shine a light into the heart of what makes a great parent with successful children. Well done”

Gary De Rodriguez, CEO Peopleistic USA

“We are in desperate need of a new vision for our men and boys that aligns with this astonishing, sometimes bewildering new world we inhabit. Raised By Our Childhood Voices offers profound and practical wisdom for everyone who seeks to nourish and empower this new generation of boys, who come to us full of unrealised potential.”

Maggie Hamilton; Author, What Men Don’t Talk About and What’s Happening To Our Boys

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