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As an up and coming thought leader on the topic of how to raise confident boys Darrell Brown has, with his book “Raised By Our Childhood Voices; One Father’s journey to raise confident, connected, compassionate boys” created a much needed stir in the parenting author world.

Here from some of the many luminaries in this field as they share their thoughts on Darrell’s book;

Praise For Raised By Our Childhood Voices

Raised By Our Childhood Voices is so much more than a book – it is unique journey that takes one through one’s own childhood in a gentle and reflective way. Darrell Brown has had one hell of a ride so far in his life and his life journey showed me the value of finding ones ‘spark’ as early as possible and to follow it with persistence and enthusiasm. Darrell is a resilient man – a resilience learned through having a childhood with significant challenge and yet he does not let that define who he is or what he chooses to make of himself and his life.

As a former West Aussie I remember the story of the tree house and shared the exasperation of a world gone mad. His incredible passion for being the best dad possible while sharing himself as fully and honestly with the woman he loves is both touching and inspirational. Our world is a better place because of men like Darrell and I am a better person for having read his autobiographical book and it has given me hope and validates my belief that our greatest teachers teach wisdom from their heart with a good dose of humility.”

Maggie Dent, Australian Author, parenting and resilience educator.

Author of Saving our Children from Our Chaotic World, Nurturing Kids’ Hearts and Souls, Real Kids in an Unreal World.

“Drawing on his own childhood with its ups and a lot of downs, diverse leaders on the field from Neuroscientists to ‘Horse whisperers,’ including Joseph Chilton Pearce, Bruce Lipton, Gordon Neufeld to NLP, Tony Robbins and many more, Darrell Brown in Raised By Our Childhood Voices weaves his passionate quest to be the best Dad ever.

Definitely a male voice and with ruthless honesty he describes how becoming a parent is the most challenging developmental experience an adult can have – if they recognize the opportunity – which is implicit in the book’s title, Raised by Our Childhood Voices. Down to earth and full with practical insights Darrell’s well written story invites every guy to discover what he discovered, that nothing compares in importance or for one’s personal growth to mentoring the next ‘critical’ generation of humanity, one kid at a time. I loved it and you will too.”

Michael Mendizza; Founder, Touch the Future, Co Author – Magical Parent Magical Child

Raised By Our Childhood Voices” is a fine book, moving, eloquent, packed with stories, confessions, deep and authentic spiritual information and discovery. It is both an enthralling and sometimes scoldingly honest memoir and a passionate plea to all men to uncover and live the deep brave love of their true nature. Here’s hoping, dear Darrell, that this book will be the first of many, and that it’s many inspiring and helpful messages will reach as large an audience as possible.”

Andrew Harvey; Author -The Hope – And International speaker on Sacred Activism

“In this deeply personal and honest book, Darrell lays bare the power our childhood has over our adult life. To be read with an open heart and curious mind, this book will take you to your own past and dare you to heal the wounds that lie open.”

Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Author of New York Times Bestseller, The Conscious Parent

“Training Youth Leadership in a variety of schools both in Australia and the USA I have always known that there has never been an owner’s manual for raising children, but this is probably the best set of skills for parents I have ever read.

Written with open authenticity I was enthralled with the story and coupled with a masterful toolbox for parents, it is an amazing road map for raising thriving kids with self esteem. I highly recommend this book to anyone who requires insight, tools and systems to shine a light into the heart of what makes a great parent with successful children. Well done”

Gary De Rodriguez, CEO Peopleistic USA

“Thanks for sending me your book. I loved reading it – the way the stories intertwine with your messages about child rearing work at many levels. You give the reader parenting wisdom, gained from your unique blend of travel, work, self-learning and your own history. You talk about courage and the warrior, and developing the parallel qualities of Artist and Warrior in boys. I think the book will be a great seller. I wish you every success.  I think the book will be a great seller. I wish you every success – it’s been a long journey.”

Donna Skender, Creative Director: Lasso Productions and Mum

“We are in desperate need of a new vision for our men and boys that aligns with this astonishing, sometimes bewildering new world we inhabit. Raised By Our Childhood Voices offers profound and practical wisdom for everyone who seeks to nourish and empower this new generation of boys, who come to us full of unrealised potential.”

Maggie Hamilton; Author, What Men Don’t Talk About and What’s Happening To Our Boys

“Darrell – I am loving your book!!!! I read half of it the day I opened the manuscript and couldn’t put it down….. It’s heartfelt and warm and is a true, honest account of your experience as a father….and most importantly you set the scene about your own childhood which I really enjoyed reading :))))…… You made me smile, laugh, cry, reminisce, contemplate life and think about my own son and how I am parenting him….and I’m only halfway!….cannot wait to read the rest xxx”

Fenella Pecotich, Senior Graphics Arts designer, new Mum

“Touching, tender, and tough, Darrell Brown gives us the full tour of his experience as both a child and a parent. Having learned to be self-reliant and not show his feelings as a teen, Brown walks us through his efforts to create connection, stability, and emotional awareness not only in his sons, but also in himself. Told with honesty, humour, and hubris, “Raised By Our Childhood Voices” gives us all a better understanding of what fatherhood can look like.”

Andrew P. Smiler, Author of “Dating and Sex: A Guide for the 21st Century Teen Boy” and “Challenging Casanova: Beyond the Stereotype of the Promiscuous Young Male.”

“If you have a child or work with children you must read this book. Darrell takes us on a journey that is not only his story but the story of so many families and children today. Beautifully written, heartfelt and compelling it not only outlines the problems facing our children today including the tsunami of technology and pressures to “be a certain way”………but more importantly he gives us hope that through love and conscious parenting we can give our children what they really need.

Raised By Our Childhood Voices is full of beautiful stories about raising boys. I hope this book becomes compulsory reading in schools around Australia and I thank Darrell for his wonderful contribution. His 2 sons are lucky to have him as their dad.”

Dr Arne Rubinstein (mbbs, fracgp) Author of “The Making of Men”

“In “Raised By Our Childhood Voices,” Darrell Brown is challenging us as parents to do right by our kids by first doing right by ourselves. “The greatest challenge of growing into a fully functioning adult comes from our ability to become aware of our unexamined childhood beliefs.” His use of compelling stories not only hooks the reader, but models for us the ways we can teach our own kids without lecturing, and by finding the connection he urges us to seek.”

Deborah Gilboa, MD, Founder of Dr. G, Ask Doctor G; Seen nationally on CBS Morning show, NBC, ABC and FOX

“The journey of raising happy, confident, resilient children isn’t always easy but I found Darrell’s book an inspiring, compelling read as we all seemed to become part of his boys journey to adulthood too.  The story about the tree house is a symbol of how the world needs more Dads like Darrell and it made me cry while Darrell’s love for his boys sang out throughout this wonderfully gentle look at bringing up children. Boys need role models and Darrell is indeed a wonderful dad – what lucky boys they are! This book will inspire you to step back for a moment and look at how important your role as a parent is and it will gently lead you to become the best you can be.”

Sue Atkins, Author of ‘Parenting Made Easy- How To Raise Happy Children. www.TheSueAtkins.com