Ten Tips for New Dads

Tips for New Dads – You and Your Family Magazine

Tips for New Dads.

As a regular contributor to the US magazine “You and Your Family” I was asked to write an article for new Dad’s!.  Have a read and feel free to share it with any new fathers…….

Tips for New Dads - You and your family Magazine

Ten Tips for New Dads

So you’ve recently become a father or are about to begin the journey? Becoming a Dad for the first time can often be a daunting prospect. Especially if you were void of a good role model in your own life growing up. Research tells us that around 47% of fathers today still believe that their role in those first three years of their child’s life is that of a “Helper” – rather than a “Primary Care Giver”. I would suggest to fathers everywhere that they begin to embrace the idea of being a “hands on father” and realise that you were never meant to simply be a “helper”. Your intimate involvement from the first day of your child’s life is just as vital as that of their mother.

With this in mind, I’m going to give you Ten of the Best Tips I can on how to approach fatherhood that will greatly support your journey.


  1. The Pregnancy – Yes those first nine months of your child’s life that begin inside your partner are wonderful opportunities to begin connecting with your new baby. Softly stroking the stomach, and talking gently to your -soon to be born bub- will let them know that the environment they are about to come into is warm and welcoming. 
  2. The Birth– Gone are the days when the Dad would wait outside while the baby is born. Your role is to be right by your partner’s side, holding her hand and giving any support you can. The arrival of your beautiful child is a moment no father should ever miss. 
  3. Coming Home – Helping to prepare a nurse for the arrival of your new baby is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your partner and shows your commitment to making sure your baby feels loved and welcomed into the family home.
  4. Changing those nappies – Being a hands on Dad means plenty of kinaesthetic involvement. It’s vital you feel comfortable and confident holding and cuddling your new tobaby. They want to feel the strong hands of their Dad coupled with his gentle voice and soft heart. Changing nappies, washing their bums and giving warm baths are all vitally important moments to begin to connect deeply with your new arrival.
  5. Facial recognition. – In those early months your new baby will begin to focus in on your face, it will recognise vital facial expressions that tell them whether their world is safe or not. A loving, calm reassuring smile will mean the world to a distressed crying baby and will go a long way to soothing the moment.
  6. Heart Entrainment – Try and hug your little one as often as you can – your chest against theirs. I good time for this in the shower when they can feel your skin on theirs. Hold them close to your beating heart and this will begin a heart entrainment between the two of you that will last a life time.
  7. A Peaceful Environment – Try not to argue in front of your baby if you can help it. Keep their world as peaceful as you can. Soft music rather than a loud TV will help enormously
  8. Bedtime – As they begin to grow, make bedtime one of the most important times  connect with your children. Bedtime stories are a great way to send your children off to sleep – begin reading to your children as early as possible. There is so much more being communicated then just the words.
  9. Love is everything – Surround your children in a sea of love. Not only with them, but just as importantly -with your partner. Remember – their watching you all the time.
  10. Fatherhood is the greatest gift! – Nothing compares to the gift of being a father. It allows you to feel the deepest love imaginable, and gives you the greatest opportunity to invest your life in someone else’s. Enjoy every moment you can, because they will grow up quickly before your very eyes. Every day that pass’s with your children you can never get back. When your final moment arrives on this earth you’re most wonderful memories will want to be of holding your child for the first time, looking into their eyes and feeling the unconditional love that only a baby can bring. 

I wish you nothing but joy and happiness in your journey ahead.

Darrell Brown –

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