An Inconvenient Truth and An Uncomfortable Conversation… for Men

Most men will talk...if its safe

“Manning Up’ has been killing men slowly for years…


An Uncomfortable Conversation… for Men

What do you say when someone asks if you would fly up to their underground mine site and give a presentation to about 150 Blokes on….“Men and their Emotions!”…?

Are you f….kn serious?

Actually they were….So over a period of 2 days I gave my “Manning Down” presentation 4 times to what many would call the toughest demographic audience in Australia.

Of course my talk is Counter Cultural.  As Al Gore suggested, its not about being popular, its about finding a truth.

As blokes we’ve been told our whole lives to “Man Up”…and it’s be killing us slowly ever since. As I told the men on site…it’s not so important where this talk starts, what’s important is where we finish…

Sure, it’s an uncomfortable conversation. But that’s not a good enough reason not to have it. After all, it’might be saving lives.

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